Review of Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Laptop

GB3 Family Configurator 800x600
GB3 Family Configurator 800x600

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra laptop  is Samsung’s first entry into the content-creation PC space. It’s a sleek laptop-cum-tablet with a gorgeous OLED screen and powerful hardware.

Its Intel Core i7 processor can handle any office software and its Nvidia RTX GPU can take on demanding games. It’s also got one of the best keyboards in its class and a large trackpad.

Intel Core i7 processor

Samsung crams this laptop with a bunch of apps and utilities meant to tie it into the rest of the Galaxy ecosystem. Whether you find them useful or annoying will probably depend on your particular preferences.

The Core i7 CPU is a speedy performer. It transcoded a 25GB 4K video in 17 minutes and 19 seconds, beating the premium laptop average of 2:09. The keyboard feels solid enough to use in tent and tablet mode. Its island-style keys have a decent amount of travel and a responsive action.

Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU

Nvidia GeForce RTX is designed to bring a premium PC gaming experience to laptops. It offers advanced features like ray tracing and HDR to deliver smooth and tear-free gameplay.

At 1440p we saw some impressive results in titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy without ray tracing where the RTX 4090 Laptop achieved 105 FPS. This represents a substantial gen-on-gen performance increase over previous Ampere laptop GPUs.

15.6-inch QHD+ AMOLED display

Samsung’s newest OLED display is a beauty. It delivers incredibly rich, detailed, and true-to-life colors in a productivity-friendly 2880×1800 resolution.

Samsung also delivers a full-size chiclet keyboard and number pad with surprisingly firm, near-silent keys. And its huge touchpad supports Windows gestures and works well overall, despite some quirks. A fingerprint reader resides in the power button and works reliably. But a face unlock sensor is missing, which is a bummer.

Intel UHD Graphics 620

Samsung has included some impressive features in the Samsung Galaxy book 3 ultra laptop that makes this laptop more than just a productivity tool. This includes a massive touchpad and the ability to connect this notebook with a Galaxy tablet for multi-screen functionality.

Intel UHD Graphics 620 is an integrated GPU that supports up to 32 GB of video memory which is automatically shared with RAM. This can provide smooth gameplay on light games.

1 x USB 3.1 Type-C

Samsung has made a very good job of turning its Galaxy smartphones into premium-feeling laptops. This 16in machine has a gorgeous OLED display, desktop-level performance, and an excellent keyboard.

The only downside is its battery life which doesn’t quite match up to rivals. It does include a small gallium nitrate charger which means packing it for a trip will likely feel lighter than carrying a rival laptop with its power brick.

1 x USB 3.1 Type-A

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 ultra laptop has a great display and plenty of storage. It’s also lightweight and durable.

Its multi-stage brightness allows for the perfect level of illumination for any situation. However, it’s worth noting that at 100% brightness this laptop only hits a whopping 395 nits!

Enhanced Multi Control lets you control your Samsung smartphone and tablet (with One UI) with the laptop. Expert Raw syncs photos directly from your phone to the laptop for studio-level post-processing.

1 x HDMI

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 series was unveiled on the 1st of February and will go on sale on the 17th. This new range of laptops is designed for people who use multiple Samsung devices and want to work seamlessly together.

There are plenty of ports on offer, including a full Type-A USB port and a headphone/mic jack. These laptops also support a range of Samsung ecosystem features like Multi Control and Second Screen.

1 x headphone/mic jack

Samsung has stepped up its game with the new Galaxy Book 3 range of laptops. Featuring its first flagship ‘Ultra’ model, the series offers a traditional clamshell design or 2-in-1 convertible options.

It competes on a level with arch-rival Apple’s MacBook Pro, offering the raw power and quality build creatives demand. It also offers a fantastic display, and is surprisingly light for a 16in screen.

1 x microSD card slot

This Samsung laptop combines next-level performance and modern design features in one sleek package. The all-aluminum chassis feels sturdy and premium, with no flex or bend in the keyboard deck.

According to Geekbench tests, the Ultra model offers a level of performance that rivals Apple’s premium 2023 MacBook Pro. This laptop is ideal for users invested in the Galaxy ecosystem, such as those that own a phone and tablet.

1 x USB 3.0 port

Samsung’s Galaxy Book 3 Ultra challenges all comers in the high-end creator-focused PC space. It has a beautiful OLED display, a powerful Intel CPU and discrete Nvidia GPU, though it comes at a price.

It also has a solid keyboard and trackpad experience and ecosystem services that tie it to your other Samsung devices. But, the battery can only last a day or so with heavy use.

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