23 Shopping and Money Saving Apps for your Smartphone

Money saving apps

These 23 shopping and money saving apps for your smartphones have been carefully selected to enable you maximize the money you spend on your purchases and also help you make some handsome savings while you shop. These applications works on all smartphones, be it an android, ios or a Windows Smartphone. So take advantage of these 23 novel shopping and money saving apps and put back money into your pocket while you shop.

  1. Azimo: Azimo is a money saving application where the phone user can send money into another account with just a 1% charge. Azimo is available in more than 100 countries and has over 150,000 payout centers across the globe. All that is required of the user is a simple registration process and off it goes!

This application is free for android enabled Smartphone and iphones and is regarded as one of the safest payment systems by a great number of users that have already signed up.

  1. Spendometer: This application is particularly useful for highly mobile individuals who spend on the go. It enables you draft a budget plan either on a weekly or monthly basis thus enabling the user to calculate his or her expenditure and possibly draw the limits. It is available free of cost for iphones and android enabled Smartphone.
  1. Fuel School: Money saving apps such as Fuel School teaches you on how to minimize your fuel consumption and drive more efficiently. It is also very useful in lowering carbon emissions that may cause environmental pollution. It uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a chart system in guiding the driver by analyzing his driving techniques. There is also an eco meter that shows the estimated amount of carbon emission released by the car based on the application’s driving analysis. Fuel school application is just below 80p in terms of cost.

4. Vouchercloud: If you love deals, freebies and coupon codes, then vouchercloud is the sure bet. It uses a GPS to bring you current money saving deals and coupon codes which saves you the time of logging into your inbox to view or print coupon vouchers. This application is available for blackberry, iphone and android users.

Money saving apps

5. Tip N Split: When you and your pals are out on a nice evening at the bar restaurant or pub you may not want the issue of ‘who pays what’ ruin the excitement. Tip N Split helps you calculate the expenses and tips on the go. It is available on iphones android enabled phones.

  1. Gas Buddy: Money saving apps like Gas Buddy helps you locate the nearest gas or petrol station around with the current gas prices. It works by using a GPS locator and each time you report a gas price, then you are sure going to warn some points for that.
  1. Shopkick: Shopkick is an application that rewards you with points each time you visit a retail store. You can link your credit or debit card to it and earn bonus points each time you shop on stores such as target or you scan through items on the store. One other unique advantage of this application is that you can also redeem the points you have accumulated with a restaurant gift card or a giveaway.
  1. Ibotta: Each time you select an offer and make a purchase Ibotta credits your account after verifying your receipt of purchase. This means that the more you select offers, the more you earn! Just for signing up, you get $10 in your paypal account. Note that Ibotta pays higher compared to some other reward programs. However, they require you to make a participating purchase in order to get paid.
  1. SnipSnap: This application helps you to take photographs of your paper coupons and makes them handy for you when you are away from home. You can equally organize them within the application.


10.Viggle: This application is for lovers of TV. Each time you watch TV using the application you earn one point which you can accumulate and redeem at various stores such as Bestbuy, Groupon, fandango, swagbucks and so on. If a featured program is shown and you watch it, then you will get bonus points. This application is available to android users.

11. Grocery IQ: Grocery IQ enables you to make a list of your favorite grocery items and clip corresponding coupons. You can also send the coupons to your email and print the vouchers later at your convenience. Moreover, you can create multiple list for different stores if you so wish.

12. Mint: This application is a free companion that helps you track your budgetary expenditure and income including your credit card balance. Mint is particularly useful if you are a high spender and desires to limit your expenses.

  1. RetailMeNot: Coupon lovers can use this application to their advantage. It pulls up all available online coupon codes at stores including the hot and trending deals that would enable you make your preferred choice.
  2. JoAnns: As the name implies, JoAnns application for your Smartphone pulls up all the deals and coupon codes exclusively for JoAnns store.
  1. Shopsavvy: Shopsavvy is a money saving app that has a barcode scanner that helps you scan available items in a store so that you could find other cheaper alternatives online. It helps you guard against unplanned purchases or unnecessary expenditure based on impulse.
  1. Savingstar: This application enables you to clip the e-coupons that are added automatically to a participating store’s savings card. If your store is a participating partner then you can begin to save and when you accumulate $5 or more you can have your money transferred to your bank account or into your PayPal account.
  1. AA Parking: This money saving app helps you locate a nearby car parking lot and saves the money and inconvenience of looking for where to park your car. You can also calculate the cost of each parking lot and do a comparison to know the cheaper one fro you. It uses a GPS technology and is particularly useful to drivers who are unfamiliar with a place.
  1. AwardWallet: You can use award wallet to keep track of all your reward points, air miles points or credit card points. It is very useful for individuals who have subscribed to multiple reward programs.


19. Check: check tracks all your account and credit card balances. It also reminds you the due date of your next bill payment.

  1. EasyEnvelopebudgetAid: Easy envelope budget aid enables you to create virtual envelopes that keep track of your spending in various categories. An option to synchronize and share with other users is also available on this application.

21. SwagbucksTV: Video lovers can use this application to earn more in their spare time. You earn rewards redeemable by gift cards. The application synchronizes with your online account where more earnings are made by using the Swagbucks search engine, printing coupons and shopping online.

22. Whatsapp: Whatsapp currently being used by millions globally allows you to send text messages to other app users for free via Wi-Fi or a data bundle. When traveling abroad, this application could be a very huge money saver.

23. Jingit: if you love to shop at walmart then jingit is the best application for you. You earn each time you watch ads and answer questions after registration. In order to get paid at walmart, you must request a jingit visa card and a $3 commission would be deducted from your account. There is a weekly earnings limit of $15.

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