BizCafeteria is a marketplace platform designed for business owners, Freelancers, entrepreneurs, employers and job seekers to meet, interact, seal and lock in business deals under mutually beneficial terms and arrangements.

Bizcafeteria is wholly owned by Delvira Limited(1377789).

The administrators of BizCafeteria aims to bring to the global audience, a one-stop platform that solves the problem of accessing business opportunities, freelance services, selling and buying of products for accessing business worthy companies and investments for trade related transactions. One major concept in the design of BizCafeteria is the creation of a social platform that establishes lasting relationships between business owners, merchants, online shoppers and freelance service providers. We at BizCafeteria believe in the tremendous impact of socialization in building trust and friendship among individuals from different cultural and ethnic identities across the globe. It is our belief that all users of this platform would find success and inspiration as they make lasting business friendships and relationships, advance their business interests, buy, market and sell their products and services within the legally binding terms of these platform. The team behind Bizcafeteria further affirms its commitment to ensuring that everyone using this website gets value and benefits profitably from the resources already at their disposal.